Flat out the finest food from Canada’s commercial fishing families! 


Wild Pacific halibut have been commercially-harvested off the west coast of Canada since the late 1880s.

Our fishery has provided deliciously healthy food for Canada and the world for over a century and has played a vital role in shaping British Columbia’s economy, communities, culture and cuisine.

Today, our commercial fishing families make significant contributions to the conservation and sustainable management of Canada’s fisheries resources and their small, family-owned businesses generate thousands of jobs throughout British Columbia. Plus, the commercial halibut harvesters’ great pride and commitment to the resource have earned our fishery the reputation as one of the most sustainably managed in the world.

Of course, wild Pacific halibut is also a favourite ingredient in seafood creations! With its firm texture and distinctive taste, wild Pacific halibut provides great versatility and endless opportunities in the kitchen.

We invite you to come on-board and taste the tradition of wild Pacific halibut.


Wild Pacific halibut is considered one of the best managed and monitored fisheries in the world.