Wild Pacific halibut is considered one of the best managed and monitored fisheries in the world.

For the past 25 years commercial halibut harvesters have worked hard to continually improve the management and sustainability of their fishery.

Wild Pacific halibut was the first fishery on Canada’s Pacific coast to achieve Marine Stewardship Council certification, a globally-recognized seafood sustainability certification program only achieved by about 10% of the world’s fisheries. Wild Pacific halibut from Canada is also a recommended choice under the Ocean Wise and Seafood Watch market recognition programs.

Groups like the David Suzuki Foundation have referred to Canada’s commercial wild Pacific halibut fishery as a high bar example and the Marine Stewardship Council concludes that the catch accounting system in place in the fishery is one of the most rigorous in the world.


Managing the Resource: Who


Wild Pacific halibut is a migratory fish species that transcends the Canadian and US border and is therefore jointly managed under an international convention between Canada and the US. learn more →

Managing the Resource: How


Several measures are in place to manage the Canadian wild Pacific halibut fishery and they continue to evolve to ensure a sustainable resource. learn more →

Science & Research


Wild Pacific halibut commercial harvesters and their families are dedicated to maintaining a sustainable resource and they participate in various programs and processes to ensure, healthy groundfish resources for today and tomorrow. learn more →

Certified Sustainable


Over the last 15 years, various certification and market recognition programs have transformed seafood supply chains, increasingly making the ability to demonstrate sustainability and responsible management a condition of doing business. learn more →